A quick mnemonic for remembering the difference between the hemophilias and what to give ‘em

“A classic V8 for B’s IX-mas gift will bleed me dry.”

The majority of patients with hemophilias have hemophilia A, and the minority have hemophilia B, also known as Christmas disease (named after the first reported patient, Steven Christmas). Treatment of hemorrhage in all cases involves repletion of the deficient clotting factor.

Hemophilia A, or “classic” hemophilia (“A classic”), is characterized by deficiency of clotting factor VIII (“V8”).

Hemophilia B, or Christmas disease (“IX-mas gift”), is characterized by deficiency of clotting factor IX (“IX-mas”). I have a cousin named Brian who has a big expensive truck (might have been a V8, not sure) that he was gifted from his parents. Growing up, his family nickname was B, so that’s helpful for me to remember. Feel free to substitute “B” with another guy’s name starting with B. Bartholomew, maybe. Or if you’re a Monty Python fan, remember that Brian’s life started on Christmas Day.


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