Thank a resident today on Thank-a-Resident Day 2021!

Residents are awesome. February 26, 2021, is the Gold Humanism Honor Society’s Thank-a-Resident Day, so I want to shout out to Colin, a second-year physical medicine and rehabilitation resident at MetroHealth in Cleveland, Ohio, who has been a huge source of support as we both navigate an unfamiliar health system at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center here in the city. I am thankful for how Colin just about always has time for my questions–no matter how basic they may sound, gives me room to lead conversations with my patients during morning rounds, and is just an all-around genuinely great guy who works his tail off and always tries to let us medical students go home early if he can. Thanks, Colin! I am eventually going to buy you a coffee and/or sushi, just you wait. It’s going to happen.

Who is the resident you’d like to thank today? What is a favorite resident story you’d like to share?


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