Assemble your team

Okay, it’s only February and you’ve already fallen off the horse. What happened to those shiny New Year’s resolutions? Whether it was the classic “hit the gym once a week and eat healthier” or something more personal like “start a side hustle,” you realize that there are concrete ways you can improve your life. But like Gary Vee says, ideas are shit; execution is the game.

That’s why I recommend assembling a team for help. We are social creatures, and the shame of failing to follow through on our promises to a small group of people who we respect and care about is one an instinct for almost all of us.

How to do this? I’m lucky in that I found a group of three guys via a program called The Strenuous Life, run by the folks behind the Art of Manliness. We have a Slack team where we share about exciting milestones, crappy experiences, and daily habit successes and failures. If you struggle to find a team of people who will keep you accountable, try asking among the people around you to see if that might be something they are interested in. Talk to coworkers, friends or family members, folks from church or a volunteer organization, or maybe even people on the internet.

I know that may be scary. Don’t let being afraid to put yourself out there stop you from making a potentially life-changing connection. Be brave. Make this year your best one yet.

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