Three of my favorite questions for the end of the med school interview

Earlier in the week, a med school applicant asked me for suggestions for questions to ask her interviewer at the end of their conversation. A few of my favorites for med school (and job) interviews include:

1. “Since you started at this school, what has confirmed that you made the right choice in coming here?” This gives your interviewer an opportunity to talk about themselves and what they most value about the institution. This question also may give you a nice segue into a program or element of the school that you are interested in learning more about.

2. “What is the biggest challenge that students in this program face, and how do/can students solve that challenge?” It’s always good to know what you are up against, and this question both A) gives you a sense of the challenges ahead, and B) shows your interviewer that you are pragmatic and have humility–that you do not expect to breeze through school.

3. “If I were to be selected, how would you know one year from now that you had made the right choice?” I need to figure out where I read this one! This is a great question to end on for a few reasons. First, of course, you are learning about how students are successful at the school, and whether the way to get there is a good fit for you. Second, if you ask this after Question 2, you pivot from the more “negative”, realistic aspects of being a student to the more “positive”, ideal aspects–end on a high note! Third, (I admit, kind of a sneaky reason) you are planting a seed in your interviewer’s mind. By imagining you in potential situations which demonstrate that you the “right choice” for the school, your interviewer may develop a favorable impression that carries on to the Admissions Committee meeting.

What do you think? Have any questions you think should be added to the list? Comment below to hit us with some wisdom!

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